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Josh is the grandson of a pastor and the son of a U.S. Marine and career police officer.  He grew up in a strict religious home, earned an engineering degree from the University of Missouri, and continues his career in U.S. missile programs.  There are multiple police officers, firefighters, and medical professionals in his immediate family.  Josh and his wife raised their boys in Frederick County, two of whom graduated from Millbrook High School.

In 2019 Josh and his wife allowed their home to be used for a neighborhood town hall meeting, where a local Supervisor and pastor shared concerns about alarming local policies.  Josh was drafted on the spot to run for Supervisor, which he did successfully with community support.  His candidacy drew endorsements statewide from conservatives, including Amanda Chase, Daniel Gade, and Winsome Sears.

Josh continues to fight for low taxes, small and transparent government, and conservative policies.  He cast deciding votes to lower personal property taxes and to provide rebates to reduce soaring car taxes.  Josh wants to ensure that the county does not drive out families that have lived here for generations with high taxes and new regulations.


Josh believes in questioning all government budgets for cost savings.  He believes the role of Supervisors is to serve the interests of the taxpayer, not the government.  He believes that the Board of Supervisors should be a voice for business and property rights, stand up for personal freedoms and parental rights, and oppose big government mandates.


Josh is a lifetime NRA member and is solidly pro-life.  He has traveled much of the world, seeing dictatorships and war zones up close, and knows that America remains the best country in the world and a place worth fighting for.

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