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"That government is best which governs least."    Thomas Jefferson


Maintain Low Taxes

I will work towards:

  • Defending our low property tax rates

  • Lowering automobile tax rates

  • Lowering sales tax rates

Control Spending and Balance Budget

I will focus on:

  • Being a voice for the taxpayer

  • Require county departments to live on a budget, just as taxpayers do

  • Monitor county spending growth

  • Question proposed and current budgets

  • Prioritize what this county needs most

Promote and Increase Citizen Rights

I will work tirelessly to:

  • Reduce regulations

  • Ensure Agricultural and landowner rights are upheld and respected

  • Continue to promote, uphold, and respect the individual and constitutional rights of all residents.  

Ensure Transparent Government & Eliminate Conflicts of Interest

I will work to:

  • Record & stream all future work sessions

  • Publish standard, line-item budgets

  • Require budget justification

  • Eliminate any conflicts of interest

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